$7,500 one-time for 8 weeks of programming

Who should attend:

Bootcamp is best suited for those who have limited experience in the federal market; maybe you're just getting started with federal, or you've won SBIRs and you're looking to scale.

Bootcamp is also great for teams just getting started in Federal, making sure each member of your team has the knowledge, skills, and materials needed for success. 

We condense years of federal expertise into an 8-week structured program that will equip you with the skills you’ll need to close your next deal.

And it only requires a few hours per week from you!


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Learn everything you need to enter the Federal Market:

GTM Strategy

Learn how to build your federal go-to-market strategy.

Federal Budget 

Understand color of money and how to plan BD efforts around budget cycles

Use Cases

Define your use case to solve federal problems.

Market Research

Find the $$$. 


Identify & evaluate the best partners for your federal strategy.


Create a 2-pager that will help you stand out.


Understand the process so you can guide the buyer.

Contracts 101

GWAC, MAS, IDIQ, BPA, SBIR, and the whole alphabet soup you need to know.

Target Personas

Know who to talk to so you don't waste your time.

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FedSales Bootcamp 8-Week Schedule

The Basics

What to Expect in Fed


Gov Contracts 



Your Use Cases

Use Cases



Who’s Who 

The Fed Budget

Market Research

Finding the $$

Filling Your Sales Funnel





Crafting a message 

Your Pitch 

Gov Culture

Gov Personas


Marketing to Fed

Gov Collateral




Managing Legal Risk 




Partnering & Capture

Types of Partners 

Assessing Opps

White Papers

Validation & Staffing

Building a Federal Team

Mentor Session

Validate Your Pitch

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If you're looking to successfully take your company to the federal market, Dcode's FedSales Bootcamp will help you build our your entire strategy.

Dcode's mission is getting good tech into government  to make government better, so we're the perfect partner to help get your tech into government. Learn more about how Dcode helps tech companies.

FedSales Bootcamp FAQ

You can expect to spend 2-4 hours per week across curriculum and live events.

Bootcamp is open to anyone from your team who will benefit from understanding the federal sales process. This might be your CEO (especially in cases where there isn't a dedicated fed sales lead), sales resources, and marketing.

Bootcamp is great for your new-to-gov team members, even if you have some seasoned federal folks in place already.

You'll come away from bootcamp with a much deeper understanding of the federal sales process, enabling you to focus your efforts on the right places, guide your buyer, and grow sales. We expect that you'll overhaul your federally-facing marketing materials based on the feedback you receive from our experts and that you'll be able to better structure your go-to-market strategy.

The federal market is a beast. We will give you a good understanding of the topics you need in order to be successful in messaging your tech, finding opportunities, guiding the buyer, and staying out of trouble. We won't get deep into the weeds but will focus more on breadth.

Here are selected wins that attendees of previous bootcamps have listed: 

  • Deepened understanding of the federal market
  • Companies have identified new use cases they hadn't previously considered, opening up new agency targets and contracting opportunities
  • Mentors have connected companies with target agencies they had been trying to reach
  • Companies have fully overhauled their federal-facing 2-pagers, which in turn helped them close meetings they'd be tying to set up for months.

Nope! Bootcamp is a one-time fee paid at the time of application.

You'll retain online access to the learning materials and our community platform for one year. The community is a great place to connect with other tech companies, as well as tapping into our mentor network to keep progressing in Federal!

Yes! Several VC firms have sponsored their companies to attend past Bootcamps. Please contact us for more information.

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Bootcamp Starts July 18th