Fed Market Bootcamp starts October 10

Dcode's Federal Accelerator is perfect for tech leadership teams who want to quickly open up - or expand across - the government market.

Designed for tech companies at all stages, we don't take equity in your company - just pay a one-time fee of $1,000.

If federal government revenue is key to your growth strategy, next fundraising round, or eventual exit, you need to know how the market works.

We condensed years of federal expertise into an 8-week structured program for executives which arms you with the knowledge you need to manage a federal vertical. All in around 2 hours per week.

Our AI Cohort starts soon - register today!

Dcode Federal Accelerator Review

Trust us. We've seen it time and time again with tech companies moving into federal.

Here are a few of the common mistakes Federal Accelerator will help you avoid:

  • Hiring a lobbyist before you need one
  • Hiring and firing a fed sales team because deals are taking too long
  • Mis-forecasting commercial sales vs federal sales
  • Difficult conversations with your board on federal market progress

Think of Federal Accelerator as the 8-week executive MBA for tech companies looking to sell in government markets.


$1,000 one-time

AI Cohort starts soon

Dcode Accelerator Review - Pixxel

Focused on the 9 areas where companies fall short

GTM Strategy

Learn how to position your product for the federal vertical

Federal Budget 

How will Congress and budgeting cycles impact your plans

Use Cases

Match your technology with government needs

Market Research

Find the $$$



Learn why partnering in federal is an important sales channel for your team


Feds think differently, so you need to position your company/tech the right way


Understand how the government actually buys

Contracts 101

The alphabet soup of contract vehicles you need to know to speak the language

IP & Data Rights

Protect yourself and your company's future

accelerator wide quote

AI Cohort 8-week schedule

The Basics

What to Expect in Fed


Gov Contracts 



Your Use Cases

Use Cases



Who’s Who 

The Fed Budget

Market Research

Finding the $$

Filling Your Sales Funnel





Crafting a message 

Your Pitch 

Gov Culture

Gov Personas

AI Keynote

Hear from a thought leader in the federal AI space on the challenges they face implementing dual-use AI tech into their missions.


Marketing to Fed

Gov Collateral




Managing Legal Risk 




Validation & Staffing

Building a Federal Team

Mentor Session

Validate Your Pitch

Partnering & Capture

Types of Partners 

Assessing Opps

White Papers


Cohort Keynote Speakers

LTG Clint Hinote-800sq

Our keynote speakers for this AI Cohort include Lt Gen Clint Hinote (Retired), Former Deputy Chief of Staff, USAF. 

Clint Hinote is a retired Air Force three-star general and the first leader of Air Force Futures. Throughout his career, he served at the leading edge of change–developing novel tactics, revising dated battle plans, reinventing staid organizations, leading complex alliances, and disrupting dated doctrine. In his role as the Deputy Chief of Staff for the Air Force, he led a 400-person organization to become “Air Force Futures,” responsible for planning and integration for the future Air Force. 

Brian-Masters-Dcode Field Expert

Our keynote speakers for this AI Cohort include Brian Masters, Director of Cloud Engineering at Fidelity Investments, and Former Director of Cloud and AI Enablement at Army XVIII Airborne. 

Mr. Brian Masters brings over two decades of expertise in logistics, data governance, IT management, digital transformation, and leading software engineering teams. His military career encompassed various roles in Logistics and Data Management, culminating as the Chief Architect and Program Manager for US Army, XVIIIth Airborne Corps' 'Dragon Cloud.' After retiring from the military, Brian transitioned to the civilian sector, currently serving as a Director of Cloud Engineering at Fidelity Investments. 

Meet some of our instructors

  • MeaganMetzger480

    Meagan Metzger

    CEO & Founder


  • TaitRyssdal

    Tait Ryssdal

    Senior Associate


  • louannebrosman480-2

    Lou Anne Brossman


    Government Marketing University

  • ClintHinote480

    Lt Gen Clint Hinote (Retired)

    Former Deputy Chief of Staff


  • MyaZemlock480-2

    Mya Zemlock

    Program Manager


  • EricBlatt480

    Eric Blatt


    Scale LLP

  • EmilyOunanian480

    Emily Ounanian



  • MatthewReichman480-2

    Matthew Reichman



  • MarlonAttiken480-1

    Marlon Attiken



  • JeffVance480

    Jeff Vance

    Navy/USMC Lead


  • NateAshton480

    Nate Ashton

    Managing Director


Register now for Federal Accelerator!

If you're looking to successfully take your tech to the federal market, Dcode's Federal Accelerator will give you the knowledge to do it right.

Our entire mission is getting the best emerging tech into government, so we're the perfect partner to help get your tech into government. 

Federal Accelerator FAQ

According to a recent Harvard Business Review article, these three factors make the defense market highly appealing for startups:

1. The Pentagon is a motivated customer, making moves to court software vendors, due to their need to keep pace with other countries.

2. The defense market is stable amidst many commercial market headwinds.

3. Private capital investors are increasingly supporting companies in the defense market.

Read the entire HBR article here



Larger companies seeking to move into the federal market have found success in our program learning how to translate their commercial product into government use cases, identifying target agencies, and then refining their pitch and marketing materials for government use.

For early-stage dual-use companies, our program will help you understand the landscape and build your strategy from the ground up.

You can expect to spend around 2 hours per week across curriculum and live events.

Accelerator is perfect for:

  • Chief Revenue Officers
  • Chief Growth Officers
  • Chief Marketing Officers
  • along with the rest of c-suite
  • VPs of Federal
  • Federal Sales teams

Accelerator is open to anyone from your team who will benefit from understanding how to enter the federal market.


You'll come away from Federal Accelerator with a much deeper understanding of the federal market,  enabling you to focus your efforts on the right places, guide your buyer, and grow sales.

For leadership teams, you'll leave Federal Accelerator armed with the knowledge you'll need to shape your federal GTM strategy, and you'll be ready to take this before your board.

For sales teams, you'll overhaul your federally-facing marketing materials based on the feedback you receive from our experts and that you'll be able to better structure your go-to-market strategy.

The federal market is a beast, but you'll walk away with a good understanding of the topics you need in order to be successful in:

  • Planning your strategy
  • Messaging your tech and solutions for government buyers
  • Finding opportunities for your use cases
  • Guiding the buyer targets
  • How to avoid trouble 

Here are selected wins that attendees of previous Accelerators have listed: 

  • Deepened understanding of the federal market
  • Companies have identified new use cases they hadn't previously considered, opening up new agency targets and contracting opportunities
  • Mentors have connected companies with target agencies they had been trying to reach
  • Companies have fully overhauled their federal-facing 2-pagers, which in turn helped them close meetings they'd be tying to set up for months.


Dcode's Federal Accelerator has just the fixed one-time fee which covers the entire program duration.

Nope! Just the one-time fee paid at the time of registration.

Unlike other accelerators, we don't take any equity either.

You'll retain online access to the learning materials and our community platform for life.

The community is a great place to connect with other tech companies, as well as tapping into our mentor network to keep progressing in federal!

Yes! Several VC firms have sponsored their companies to attend past Accelerators.

Please contact us for more information.

Yes, all types of tech companies are welcome to attend. All tech companies will benefit from the learning materials, speakers, and workshops.

The core learning process is built for any type of tech company, so you may select the cohort which works best for your schedule, even if that cohort isn't an exact match for your technology.

Future cohorts will focus around companies working in cyber, ML, and data analytics, among others. You can view all scheduled cohorts here.


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